Traffic Matters

If you have been charged by the police in relation to a drink-driving offence or other offence arising out of the use of the motor vehicle, or as the driver or owner of a heavy vehicle, or you are a tow-truck operator, contact us to discuss your options, which may be to admit or challenge the police or Vic Roads charges.

Contact Wood Fussell if you receive a letter from an insurer after being involved in a traffic accident, alleging that you are at fault and demanding money for the repairs to or replacement of the insured vehicle.  We can provide advice as to the best course, whether that is to deny liability and demand payment for your own repairs or replacement vehicle, or to negotiate with the insurer. 

Debt Recovery

We undertake the recovery of commercial debts on behalf of trade creditors. Depending on the amount of the debt, proceedings can be instituted in the Magistrates’ or County Court of Victoria and if appropriate, bankruptcy or winding up proceedings may be instituted to recover your trade debts.

Please contact David Wood or Ben Gearing to discuss recovery of outstanding trade debts.

Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes are often the result of inadequately prepared agreements, whether with business partners or other entities with which you have a working relationship. Wood Fussell ensures that clients’ agreements are properly prepared, with a view to preventing disputes subsequently arising.

When disputes do arise, Wood Fussell can assist, both in attempts to resolve a dispute through negotiation/mediation as well as when alternative means of resolving a dispute are exhausted, through litigation.

Personal Injury Claims/Serious Injury Certificates

Wood Fussell have successfully represented clients in personal injury claims in the County and Supreme Courts of Victoria, against the Traffic Accident Commission and other insurers.

Property Transactions

We handle residential and commercial conveyancing all over Victoria and also prepare and provide advice on commercial leases.

Please telephone or email Andrew Brand.



Wood Fussell can prepare a will to suit your specific needs, whether you require a straight forward or a more complicated will and can also assist with changes to existing wills and probate requirements.

Wood Fussell can provide advice if you consider that you have not been adequately provided for in the will of a deceased spouse, de-facto or family member.

Please telephone or email Andrew Brand.


Agency Matters

We accept instructions in all areas (other than family law) from interstate lawyers.

Please contact David Wood or Ben Gearing to discuss.